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About About Us

Kerala Ayurvedic Health Institute, Kuwait

Kerala Ayurvedic Health Institute is the result of a long cherished vision of our Kuwaiti director/sponsor, who had always wished to bring the Ancient Indian Medical legacy – Ayurvedic science to Kuwait in its authentic form. He being a visionary, a dreamer, a businessman, and avery inquisitive person, he used to study more and more about the wonders of Ayurveda and the possibilities of establishing Ayurveda as a full fledge medical system in Kuwait. During one of such exploratory trip our director met a young, enthusiastic and energetic Ayurvedic physician from Kerala, who had immense faith in Ayurveda and wanted to do something big in this field. Now, that was the resonating chord for both of them and the planning began. Luckily by the end of 2020, by God’s Grace everything fell in place for the curtains to raise for the opening of KERALA AYURVEDIC HEALTH INSTITUTE.

This was the time when the 1st wave of corona had already created a sense of fear and chaos everywhere. There were people who were struggling with the after effects of COVID, even after being fully recovered. Of the others who were lucky to have escaped this fiasco, there were some who resorted to long list of WhatsApp remedies and few of them in fact overdid them to the extent that they ended up having complications like hoarseness of voice, irritated vocals, Peptic ulcer, Irritable bowel syndrome etc.

This situation further cemented our intent to start Kerala Ayurvedic Health Institute to protect and guide the masses towards staying fit and healthy besides healing and rehabilitating the patients who had already contracted some sort of issues.


“KAHI…Ushering in good health and great spirits always”